Fellow Arachnids:

It was with some distress that I learned at Convention of the deaths of
several lacemakers, including Lorelei Halley in April. I had forgotten, if
I knew, that LaceIOLI had moved off ning to www.laceioli.org. I don't think
I ever got to laceioli.org to sign up, so I'm really out of the loop. But
the passing of Lorelei is a tremendous loss to the lace community -- she
contributed so much and helped so many.

The end of her obituary says she desired her webpages, www.lynxlady.com, to
be maintained, but I'm getting a "site can't be reached" error message when
I try it, or when I try laceioli.org. So my question for you all is: is
anyone working to restore those sites that Lorelei put so much work into?
and a related question -- why was ning abandoned and was all that info
moved over?

I'm asking because I'd like to see the info recovered and made available
again, but before I bother Lorelei's sister or do anything further, I want
to know if someone else is doing something already. Is someone??


Connecticut, USA

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