Thanks Ruth for the heads up about the schedule having a time for Arachne
meeting at 6:30 for an hour, I hadn't noticed it.  This year I did not
contact the host group but maybe one of the members is a member of Arachne, so
we should plan on meeting there and if anyone wants to arrange a lunch
gathering, they can do it there. 
Yes, if you have anything spidery, lacy or useful you would like to donate to
our annual free raffle please bring it. I usually have a stash of things in my
lace drawer that I bring. Put in on your phone calendar for Tuesday at 6:30
Janice Blair Murrieta, CA,

    On Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 09:59:05 AM PDT, Ruth Lyon
<> wrote:

 I am coming to the IOLI convention in Nevada too.  My daughter is also
coming, and we will be in the same Bucks Point morning class with Jean
Leader!  I will also be in Sylvie Nguyen’s Schneeberger afternoon class. 
Sylvie’s class will be small, no more than 9 people, and she allows children
over the age of 8 and novices, from the pre-convention Introduction to Bobbin
Lace class, into the Scheeberger  class.  I didn’t know this when I signed
up for the class.  I’ve taken this class with Sylvie before so I’m not
newbie.  I’m sure Sylvie will teach me more, too.  Teaching children
bobbin lace is wonderful idea.

I was glad to see that the convention schedule includes an Arachne meeting! 
Janice, shall we bring our wrapped gifts for the gift exchange again?? 
I’’ve already bought mine!

Ruth Lyon

Dubuque, Iowa

> On May 9, 2023, at 3:50 PM, Janice Blair <> wrote:
> Thank you to Theresa for including the previous list in her question about
> the list was still working. I get the Digest very infrequently as traffic
> slow. The attachment of the previous digest was enough to kick out the new
> one.
> Thanks also to Brenda for the BBC link for the close up photos of the
> clothes.
> BTW, is anyone going to IOLI convention this year in Sparks, Nevada.  I
> be going and rooming with two of my lace friends. I think this will be my
> time and maybe my last one as hubby was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
> we try and get together at lunchtime one day?  I am in Holly's morning
> Honiton class but I will be working on a Thomas Lester piece. 
> Janice
> Janice Blair Murrieta, CA,
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