Your story of linen spinners sounds terribly familiar - I learned to spin
because I wanted to create the devastatingly fine wool yarn for a "proper"
wedding ring shawl, and it is equally difficult to get wool spun that
finely. I haven't done it - yet - but at least I do keep spinning more
utilitarian yarn. My brief foray into linen spinning went much as yours
seems to have :)


I use Bockens almost exclusively, 60/2, 60/3, and 100/2 all on a fairly
regular basis and have not had many slubs. I did buy large reels of them
several years ago, however, so if your thread is of recent manufacture, my
experience may not be relevant.

Chris - who has been more knitting lace than bobbin tossing recently, but
it's all good :)

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> From: Adele Shaak <>
> Subject: Re: [lace] Linen thread
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> When I was into handspinning, every year I’d meet one or two people who
> were determined to learn handspinning so they could re-create the very fine
> linen threads of 200 years ago. They’d take the class and buy the
> and the hank of flax and you’d never hear from them again, and I’m not
> surprised. I tried it once and with great difficulty I was able to produce
> a fair-quality baling twine ;-)
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> Adele
> West Vancouver, BC
> (west coast of Canada)
> > Hello All!  May I ask what brand linen thread you are using & why?  I'm
> a bit steamed to find big hunks of lint stuck in 90/2 linen thread & unsure
> of whether to pick it out & risk breaking the thread or cutting it out &
> adding a new bobbin.  While I realize that linen was nicer in the "good old
> days", I'm concerned that there seems to be so little quality control for
> thread that is now $xx a spool!  Is one brand doing a better job of it than
> another or is this just the new normal?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Many
> thanks.  Sincerely, Susan Hottle USA
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