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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 07:46:57 +0000
Source: unity8
Binary: indicators-client unity8-greeter unity-scope-tool unity8 unity8-common 
unity8-autopilot unity8-fake-env unity8-private unity8-doc
Architecture: source
Version: 8.14+15.04.20160922-0ubuntu1
Distribution: vivid
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-disc...@lists.ubuntu.com>
Changed-By: Micha?? Sawicz <michal.saw...@canonical.com>
 indicators-client - Indicators client test application
 unity-scope-tool - Development tool for Unity scopes
 unity8     - Unity 8 shell
 unity8-autopilot - Test package for Unity 8 shell
 unity8-common - Unity 8 shell (common files)
 unity8-doc - Documentation for Unity8
 unity8-fake-env - Fake environment for running Unity 8 shell
 unity8-greeter - The Unity8 Greeter
 unity8-private - Unity 8 private libs
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 1249349 1590099 1595235 1596849 1597366 1597392 1602628 
1606935 1611796 1611959 1615675
 unity8 (8.14+15.04.20160922-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
   [ Albert Astals Cid ]
   * LVWPH: update clipItem height when list height changes (LP:
   * Put the touchdown shape inside a loader
   * No need for the touchdown in the card for the cardtool
   * Add bottom gradient to the Show Less floating button
   * Remove artShapeSize from non cardtool cards
   * LVWPH: Fix case in which header was shown incorrectly
   * LVWPH: Fix items cut on top in the dash (or at least some instances
     of it)
   * Reduce calls to CardCreatorCache.getCardComponent while the
     component is being created (LP: #1615675)
   * Dash::test_cardIconStyle change compare into tryCompareFunction
   * Make PreviewActionsTest::test_comboButton more stable
   * Adapt onShiftedContentXChanged to work when the content changes very
   * Make tryGenericScopeView show the scope correctly
   * Make sure the spinner does not get too close to the title text (LP:
   * Show "Pull to refresh" in white when overlaid in low luminance
     colors (LP: #1596849)
   * Make test_Shell non ultra slow again (LP: #1597366)
   * Improve findChild calls inside tryCompareFunction.
   [ Andrea Cimitan ]
   * override some Qt Components definitions so we can have sane default
     values for flick speeds
   * Elide the label text inside recent searches panel (LP: #1611796)
   * Add a PreviewSingleton module to store some data for previews (LP:
   * Use PreviewSingleton for PreviewRatingInput and PreviewCommentInput
     (LP: #1595235)
   * rework GenericScopeView PullToRefresh test
   * use mouseFlick instead touchFlick for manage_dash_move_current
   * add a couple of waiting tricks for a flaky dash test
   [ Daniel d'Andrada ]
   * Set progress bar indeterminate when processing signal received. (LP:
   * Implement cursor confinement (LP: #1590099)
   [ Josh Arenson ]
   * Add a frontend to the sessions model and enable a session chooser in
     the greeter.
   [ Luk???? Tinkl ]
   * Implement edge maximizing (aka window snapping) (LP: #1602628)
   * On the PC platform (as opposed to running on $devices), use the
     "mute" action instead of silent mode
   * Respect Fitt's law wrt the window control buttons in panel (LP:
   * Fix 2 failing color-related tests
   [ Marco Trevisan (Trevi??o) ]
   * Indicators, mocks: add fake indicators menuitem to populate mocks
     with different menu types
   * IndicatorsClient: use PageHeader and ListItemLayout's
   [ Michael Terry ]
   * Support launching apps inside a unity8 session from the greeter and
     support emergency dialing inside the greeter.
   * Fix tryShell to actually show appropriate backgrounds for each mock
   * Add an indicator to the greeter when a user is logged in (only shown
     if we have more than one user)
   * Hide the greeter OSK if indicators are open and don't show the edge
     tutorial during an emergency call.
   * Switch from lockscreen PIN pad to a passcode entry box that uses the
   * Use the default system wallpaper instead of our custom one.
   * Update look of infographic a bit
   * Make infographic bubbles white even on the default wallpaper.
 adb270bbad3b4482cdafad58243b446dc83ded76 3933 
 e38dec7645624bd7d1b9ed7a54262b4ff91cd48c 9082612 
 52bdbc443e47622c6238eea49f1eff56d6f60e64 83300 
 47fb099ee1f671f0777ec46128b1b08a200a767f1c26e8cbe792a4f8f3a7472a 3933 
 367893b8090a24bdd2c2ce57f606591ec496b13036e77e9a5d77b7937cb33585 9082612 
 fe8d2b8b35a42328810133871b468b98090f20285f35417b053d8c276a5b38a3 83300 
 40bbc017354933b80446abcf79a3a57d 3933 x11 optional 
 965f3ecc880f119629fcbf119fe0bc05 9082612 x11 optional 
 a191f07d33d7c9168b6ae7b344577b6a 83300 x11 optional 

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