In the meantime, I intend to continue to move other old requests through. Here 
are the first set of Wikipedia requests that have been open since 2011:

  *   Wikipedia Jawi 
 (djw): Extinct Australian language. No test project was ever created. 
  *   Wikipedia 
 (ksf): Spoken by 60,- 120,000 Cameroonians.  Test has about 20 pages and is 
moribund. But there's no reason this should not be eligible.
  *   Wikipedia 
 (mua): Language of about 240,000 in Chad and Cameroon. One page in test dating 
to the time of the request, then nothing. Requester no longer active at WMF. 
Rejecting as stale.
  *   Wikipedia Simple German 
 The only thing that makes this request different is that it refers to a 
standard for simplified German being developed at the University of Hildesheim; 
 I'm going to wait a week for comments from the Committee, but I intend to 
reject this, with the following additional notations: (1) It is better to have 
such content live in German Wikipedia. (2) In any event, such content would 
have to incubate in German Wikipedia first; proposed "simple" projects are not 
permitted in Incubator. (3) If and only if this becomes a well-accepted 
standard, there is substantial content residing in German Wikipedia, and then 
German Wikipedia petitions the committee to spin the simple project off, we 
would consider it in the future.
  *   Wikipedia 
 (nmg): Another Cameroonian language, now with 25,-75,000 speakers. Two pages 
only, from time of request, then moribund. Requester no longer active at WMF. 
Rejecting as stale.


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