Romanized Persian (fa-latn) 
 and also I put a freeze on 
a test project on Incubator, and strongly encouraged contributor to either (a) 
try to get a converter on fawiki or (b) run the project in Wikia. Contributor 
has not returned since the one day when s/he was active, nor is there evidence 
the contributor ever went to Incubator Plus to start a project. In the 
meantime, I don't see evidence that there is a strong need for a project like 
this to the extent of overriding normal policy. I will wait a week for comments 
from the committee, but intend to reject.

 (kmz): In theory, the language ought to be eligible. But the test is written 
in a Romanized form, which neither Ethnologue nor the enwiki article shows as 
an ordinary variant. Thoughts?

 (sov): 400 speakers, language in Palau. No content has been created. Putting 
on hold.

 (mga): Historical language, and no content was created. Rejecting.

 (dis): Language of northeast India with about 110,000 speakers. No content was 
created. Putting on hold.


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