Revision: 7891
Author:   dominikoeo
Date:     2012-08-19 21:27:37 +0000 (Sun, 19 Aug 2012)
Log Message:
[br] detect invalid mutation or words beginning with k
     after article "ar" when they have UNKNOWN pos.
     In that case, we can't guess the correction.
     Ex: *Ar Kab-Sizun* -> Ar C'hab-Sizun

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/JLanguageTool/src/rules/br/grammar.xml
--- trunk/JLanguageTool/src/rules/br/grammar.xml        2012-08-19 20:20:58 UTC 
(rev 7890)
+++ trunk/JLanguageTool/src/rules/br/grammar.xml        2012-08-19 21:27:37 UTC 
(rev 7891)
@@ -240,6 +240,17 @@
         <example type="correct">Fur eo ar plac’hig-se.</example>
+    <rule id="AR_K" name="ar + k-word">
+      <pattern>
+        <token regexp="yes">[au]r</token>
+        <marker>
+          <token regexp="yes" postag="UNKNOWN">k.*</token>
+        </marker>
+      </pattern>
+      <message>Ne c'hall ket bezañ un anv a grog gant «k» goude ar ger-mell 
«\1». Ha fellout a rae deoc’h skrivañ <suggestion><match no="2" 
regexp_match=".(.*)" regexp_replace="c’h$1" 
case_conversion="preserve"/></suggestion> pe <suggestion><match no="2" 
regexp_match=".(.*)" regexp_replace="g$1" 
+      <example type="incorrect">Brav eo ar 
+      <example type="correct">Brav eo ar 
+    </rule>
     <rulegroup id="KEMM_DRE_VLOTAAT_GER" name="kemmadur dre vlotaat goude 
gerioù zo.">

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