Ken Dickey encountered the following error during a build
from source that appears to have been unpacked from
larceny-0.99-src.tar.gz :

--> Error: unhandled condition:
Compound condition has these components: 
#<record &assertion>
#<record &who>
    who : compile-library
#<record &message>
    message : "contains non-library code"
#<record &irritants>
    irritants : ("._original.sls")

Ken wrote:

> Looks like the file indicated is
>   lib/R6RS/err5rs/records/syntactic/._original.sls
> ..which seems to be an artifact of git.

That file (and numerous other files whose names begin with
"._") came from unpacking

Those files should not have been present within the source
distribution.  They contain gibberish related to an Apple
"feature" known as

In short, the error you are encountering was caused by my use
of an Apple Macintosh and a Firefox browser when packaging the
source code for the larceny-0.99-src.tar.gz file.  

I have created a new larceny-0.99-src.tar.gz file, without the
"._" files, and copied that corrected file to the
site.  I will avoid using Apple products when creating the v1.3
files for download.

Thank you for bringing this problem to my attention.


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