Hello Ernesto,

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Hi Bob, Ross,

I have never used CSS in a latex to generate html ...
May you give an idea to do that with a small list like the one I sent please?

Well, no; not easily.

But I can refer you to  p.130  The LaTeX Web Companion  (5th printing 2004).
Here the commands are described, which are available for setting CSS styles
within LaTeX source for processing by LaTeX2HTML.

But you need to form your own understanding of what CSS is, and how it works
for HTML documents.
Then you’ll realise that it is a very powerful technology,
and one that doesn’t need LaTeX to be useable with your HTML documents.


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Hello Bob and Ernesto.

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If anyone does have a solution ... please post to list! I've been struggling 
with this for years.

You need to define CSS styles and apply them.
HTML itself doesn’t control this with description lists.

Besides, these days you want to be using HTML 5 or XHTML,
and much of what LaTeX2HTML produces (up to HTML 4) has been deprecated.

Now the best way that I know to get a quite good HTML page from a LaTeX document
is to first generate what you want as a PDF, then use Adobe’s  Acrobat Pro  
menu item
     Export To >  HTML web page

The attached file shows what results from the example source.
The list items have styles which give you the result you desire.

Hope this helps.


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Title: list-test

I am converting from latex to html an enumerate list but with letters instead of numbers like this:

  1. item1

  2. item2

  3. item3

    but I obtain an extra ¡ENTER¿ like this:

    1. item1 b) item2 c) item3

Does any one of you know how to solve this problem?


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