*Duration: 3-6 months plus*

*Location: Austin, TX*

*Client: EBay Inc*



Developing automatic deployment tooling and infrastructure, using
automation to manage a deployment of several hundred to a few thousand
Linux desktop instances, automated patching of deployed systems, updating
image to meet developer requirements as needed


We are building standardized Linux OS images for developer desktops and
laptops. We need someone skilled in Linux on the desktop to help build and
manage these images. We would also like this person to develop tools and
infrastructure for automatically deploying and remotely managing desktop
Linux images using tools such as Puppet and/or Chef.

*Top Requirements:*

What are the Top Three Skills needed to perform this role/job? (though
skills/qualifications may already be mentioned, it always helps to narrow
it down to the top non-negotiable skills that you’ll need to see in order
to move a resume further in the process)

·         Experience running Linux on the desktop and laptop

·         Puppet, Chef, or similar automatic deployment tools

·         Experience managing Ubuntu and CentOS/RHEL on servers or desktops





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