*Location: Omaha NE*

*Duration: 6+ Months*

*Phone and Skype Interviews. *

*The candidate must have three years of experience managing tools used to
enable the Java build process. *

*This experience must include the following:*

A CD build orchestration product, such as Bamboo or Jenkins


An artifact repository, enabled by a product such as Nexus or Artifactory

A source code repository, based on a product like GitHub or Subversion

A deployment automation product like Chef, Puppet, or Ansible

Linux administration, including shell scripting

The candidate must be able to work independently, installing/configuring
the entire toolset on bare hardware, and managing each piece of the overall
solution. The role requires the ability to both create build jobs from
scratch and troubleshoot build jobs created by others. An understanding of
the way in which build tools of the various types integrate is also
critical, along with a working understanding of Maven POMs, including the
way in which they are used to define dependencies and generate executables.

*Experience with the following products is also desirable:*

Amazon EC2 – creation and administration of build jobs deploying into a
public cloud

Management and configuration of an on-prem PaaS solution like OpenShift

The ideal candidate will also have experience with build team leadership,
coordinating the activities of individuals charged with creating and
managing build jobs, and managing the contents of affected repositories.

Jim | Sr Recruiter | V.L.S Systems Inc.

Work :  703-953-3118 x 1330 |
E-mail: j...@vls-systems.com <x...@vls-systems.com>

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