Has anybody created a multi-tier (or 3-tier) database application with
Lazarus? I'm looking for a solution that will work on Linux and

      PC #1                           PC #2                      PC #3
Client Application    ----->    Application Server    ----->   RDMS (db)

In Delphi we used TClientDataset and midas.dll.  What options do we
have for FPC and Lazarus?  Kylix 3 Enterprise used WebServices and
SOAP, but I have never worked with WebServices or SOAP in my life.

If WebServices are the only option, I would prefer to embed the HTTP
server inside the Application Server tier, so I don't have to deploy
Apache etc...  Not being stateless would also be a nice bonus (or at
least some work-around for it like is done in Kylix)

Anybody know of something like this?  I remember there was some single
developer that wrote and alternative to Midas (for Delphi). I think he
used Jedi's version control application as an example application.
I'm not sure of the product name, what technologies he uses or if it
is open-source. :-(

  - Graeme -

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