On 2016-09-20 15:23, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Is it a known issue, or by design, that the Editor Toolbar doesn't
> appear when the Anchor Docking packages is installed? Is it some docking
> window limitation?

Seems I found the problem. My environmentoptions.xml file now contains
two "desktop" settings for some reason. Without Ancher Docking it used
"desktop1", but with Anchor Docking it uses "desktop2". I assume when I
installed Anchor Docking it created a second set of desktop settings -
but never copied over my original Editor Toolbar settings.

Manually copying my Editor Toolbar configuration from desktop1 to
desktop2 - now my IDE has docked windows and the editor toolbar I so
like. :)

I presume this is a bug with Anchor Docking - not copying over certain
settings to desktop2.


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