I'd like to discuss the Desktops feature. In particular the fact that some settings are stored within the desktop and not IDE-wide. That means that changing desktops means also changing some of the settings.

For now I have these IDE options in mind:

"Environment -> Window"
"Environment -> IDE coolbar"
"Environment -> Editor toolbar"
"Environment -> Component Palette"
"Environment -> AnchorDocking"

I personally use 4 different destops (external monitor vs laptop monitor AND editing vs debuging - which makes 4 combinations). I use different IDE coolbar settings for edit and debug desktop.

Does anybody take advantage of the fact that these settings are different for every desktop? Or did I overengineer the feature? For me it looks like the users are only confused (like Graeme in the "IDE Docking windows and Editor Toolbar" thread).

Honestly, I can live without different IDE coolbars for edit & debug destops although I use them now.


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