On Thu, September 22, 2016 12:31 am, I previously wrote:
> If I could just find one other person that has been haunted by accessing
> components in formcreate, then I'd confirm I am not imagining things

i.e. here are some issues others have come across which may be semi
related to problems I have experienced, or not:

Quote "However sometimes a few special things can cause problems in
FormCreate, usually related to the order window handles are created, and
for such special cases FormShow can also be abused for initialization. "
-- Jens Grusche, (posted on another delphi list)

And this:

However these may be issues with formcreate that are not related to the
bugs I have come across. I'm trying to remember what exactly was the
problem that I had in FormCreate, but can't remember. I do recall having
to create a FirstShow hack to do what I needed to do... I don't like using
the FormShow event, even with a counter, since it is called multiple times
and FormCreate is only called once.
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