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Lukasz Sokol <el.es...@gmail.com> wrote:

> From what I remember (on Turbo Delphi, but this is generally true I think)
> anything that causes the form to redraw,
> (as it's been indicated in responses here too - resizing, aligning, changing 
> colours etc)
> is a really bad idea, because there may not be anything to answer the OnPaint 
> events yet
> while FormCreate is being serviced.

There is no OnPaint during OnCreate.

> (Speculation because I haven't dived that deep: the visual component 
> hierarchy on the form
> is kept in a tree-like structure, that is being walked top-down by a single 
> thread, 
> and so other components' OnCreate is called AFTER their parent is created, 
> and not necessarily
> in order of appearance (in order of being placed on form, presumably?) 

The order of dropping the components on the form defines the creation


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