I need to handle some delegate protocols in our application layer, which will require overriding things that the LCL Cocoa layer already implements in classes like TCocoaWindow.

In the Carbon interface, the equivalent was fairly easy, since TCarbonWSCustomForm.CreateHandle just creates a TCarbonWindow and passes it back, so it's trivial to implement a new CreateHandle that returns my descendant. TCocoaWSCustomForm.CreateHandle, on the other hand, creates a TCocoaWindow and then does a bunch of extra work to set that window up.

I'd really rather not duplicate the entirety of TCocoaWS*.CreateHandle, especially since the interface is still immature. It seems like the fix would be to move all of the CreateHandle code into a method in TCocoaWindow (possibly init), and if that's the case, we can certainly look into a patch to do that, but I'd like some direction from the devs first.


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