Darn it, sounds like Graeme is describing me!

I wandered into Lazarus/Free Pascal a few years ago after enjoying writing VBA code in Excel. Admittedly I always found my (VBA) code sloppy and wrote some odd code just to make things work!

My coding is just a hobby that I enjoy, but I would like to be able to do it well and also somehow know that I am. Unfortunately I come from a marine (ships) background not from an IT one. No formal training in programming. I'm a lonely Linux user and an even more lonely pascal coder, so I only have this mailinglist to "litmus test" my "skills" against. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a pain but no one has yet been rude to me, just helpful which I appreciate ;-)

When I see a recommendation from someone on this list, I normally go for it. Therefore just ordered a copy of An Introduction To Methodical Programming, thanks Tony. I am envious of the students of Adrian De Armas who will receive some formal training.

I have a lot of books on pascal programming, pascal manuals (turbo 5.5), even Kylix & Delphi 3 tomes including Lazarus The Complete Guide that all threaten to break my shelves at any moment. All these books have been a great help to me, but out of interest what would the IT graduates on this mailing list recommend as the best reference publication for teaching a) programming concepts in general, & b) pascal programming specifically?

Thanks, Martin

On 13/10/16 09:20, Graeme Geldenhuys via Lazarus wrote:

.............................................. We don't want another
whole generation of Visual Basic programmers. The Visual Basic 4-6
programs I had seen and unfortunately had to maintain were the sloppiest
code I've ever seen - all written by "programmers" that dived straight
into VB with no prior programming experience.


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