It months ago I realized that Lazarus was saving the sources like that:

1- If there is only ANSI chars, save it as ANSI encode;
2. If there is more than ANSI chars, save it as UTF8 encode;

(correct me if I'm wrong about that)

I think this was changed when I updated my FPC to 3.* and Lazarus (trunk).
Everything continues works. This new behavior was completly transparent to
me... but I have a doubt:

If Delphi sources don't use UTF8, how is the best way to mantain sources
that need to work in both compilers?

I mean, I would like to work with FPC and Lazarus as I am used to doing,
without take concerns about "remember to change the encode of these files",
"remember to not put accented chars on code", or something like that.

Is there some wiki page that explains this?
Are you working on projects that have these problems? Could you tell me
which is the best approach to deal with it?
Thank you.

Best regards,
Marcos Douglas
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