Now that I learned the word "initialization section", I could google for it, and what's going on behind the screens is no longer murky. Thanks again. I even found the heaptrc documentation <> and in it the "dumpheap" procedure, which means I can follow heap usage throughout my program, without any interference from "halt".
--Problem solved--.

On 18/06/17 10:07, Joost van der Sluis via Lazarus wrote:
Op 16-06-17 om 22:58 schreef Wolf via Lazarus:
now I understand the real bug is in my assumptions on what goes on behind the screens. But that leads to another question: is there any documentation where I can read up on this so that I may improve on my programming, and particular debugging, skills?

Well, it's not that this behavior is hidden. It's even documented:
So you could read the pure documentation....

There's also a wiki about this issue:

But I doubt that this is what you meant.

You asked this on the Lazarus-list, but this is more a question for the fpc-pascal list. What you could do is follow this list, or maybe even fpc-devel. You can also browse the archives.

You can learn a lot from there.



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