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Does fpGUI support DPI on per-monitor basis? I.e. I have a high-DPI laptop screen and a normal DPI external monitor connected to it - and I work on both of them.

Last time I tested (granted that was a while back), the fpGUI application detects the DPI of the monitor it is launched on. I can't remember what happens when you drag that application from one monitor to another (where they have varying dpi values).

[Nothing related to fpGUI] I do know that Windows 10 is seriously broken in this regard. At least I think it is broken, or the implementation is seriously sh*t. eg: Take an application like Delphi XE3 and launch it on a 140+ dpi monitor. Open a debug window (or any non-docked IDE window). Drag that window to the 96dpi monitor. Boom, you have the over-scaled fuzzy looking window. Even dragging a single window application so that just over 50% of the window appears on the 96dpi monitor, and the same thing happens. Less than 50% overlap, and all is well. WTF Microsoft!!! I've got this issue at work every day. To alleviate the problem slightly, I have to change the "default monitor" to the lower dpi monitor.


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