Hi all,

Due to a typo, the netmask of the network adapter was /8 instead of /24

Since Lazarus has IP, all 37.x.x.x traffic got routed locally

It should work now


Marc Weustink via Lazarus wrote:
Nope Lazarus is not blocking ip blocks.

Only a few ips in the 2xx.xxx.xxx.xxx range are temporary blocked by fail to 
ban. Through trans-ip (our hoster) i've received some complaints from Croatia 
and Italy. I've tried to trace what happened but no success.

Can you confirm that it happens for both http and https?

If you want to help tracking this issue, please contact me directy


On February 13, 2018 1:44:33 PM GMT+01:00, Luca Olivetti via Lazarus 
<lazarus@lists.lazarus-ide.org> wrote:
El 13/02/18 a les 13:05, Zaher Dirkey via Lazarus ha escrit:
I think Lazarus site using a service that block some countries, kind
protecting, for me it is acting like most of sites that block my
"Syria" (by not responds after long delay).

Same problem here: I can access it from work but not from home (both in

Spain but with different providers).
A traceroute from home shows that packets are blocked after
e1-a7.r1.ams0.transip.net (, connections from work go
through the same host, so it must be lazarus-ide.org that's blocking my

home ip.

It also makes the online package manager unusable from home.

Luca Olivetti
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