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Lazarus 1.8.0, fpc 3.0.4, windows application (with "win32 gui application unchecked") or console application (using LazUTF8).
File encoding utf-8 without bom.


produces garbage, contrary to what's said in http://wiki.freepascal.org/Unicode_Support_in_Lazarus#Writing_to_console

No, it's not contrary - just the opposite. The problem is that áéí (ANSI 1250 or whatever) have different codes to your console codepage (CP437 or whatever). You should open/edit your program source code in your console codepage - you obviously edit it in ANSI.

Uh? It's utf-8

"When you convert the code to UTF-8, for example by using Lazarus' source editor popup menu item File Settings / Encoding / UTF-8 and clicking on the dialog button "Change file on disk", the ╩ becomes 3 bytes (#226#149#169), so the literal becomes a string. *The procedures write and writeln convert the UTF-8 string to the current console codepage*. So your console program now outputs the '╩' on Windows with any codepage (i.e. not only CP437) and it even works on Linux and Mac OS X."

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