Op 13-03-2018 12:22 schreef Santiago A. via Lazarus:
Thanks. Finally it works. I created the table employee and set the full
path of the file.

Nevertheless, it looks that sqlite3 is a little... well... sending
SIGSEGV is not a valid error, "cant' find file", "table doesn't exits"
etc would be much better.

I would like to dig a little and try to improve error detection. Is
there any way I can debug into open?. I've tried compiling Lazarus IDE
with debug, but skips over "open" call. What should I compile in debug
mode to parse FQuery.open?
I take it you already activated the debugging options (which were disabled in your published project). Otherwise you wouldn't even be able to trace to the Open line.

Next problem is that the database sources are not part of the Lazarus IDE. They are from FPC. So you would need to recompile the complete FPC to be able to step through it. (Recompiling Lazarus IDE only compiles the IDE part with debugging information)

I use the trunk version from my own script but you could use fpcupdeluxe to install a development version, in which you could trace through the whole source. http://wiki.freepascal.org/fpcupdeluxe

Here, I get the correct and expected warnings/errors when using the SQLite3 driver (in both Lazarus 1.9 and 1.8.2). SQLite will automatically create an empty database if it does not exist. After that it should warn about the absence of the employee table.

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