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I will need to check this, but the purpose of Close(True) is exactly to
ignore errors while closing for a reconnect. It was introduced and tested in the case of MySQL, but
normally should work on any database.

Can you please post a small sample program in the bugtracker ?



Using the same project as in the bug report, almost every time I set the "Active" property of the SQLQuery1 component to true in the object inspector I get an "Access violation" and the selection tree in the object inspector gets messed up.
It doesn't happen if I use zeos.
I tried both with the original fcl-db and the one modified as my last message in the bug report (I rebuild lazarus every time I changed fcl-db).
Fpc 3.0.4/lazarus 1.8.2, win32 and linux (64 bits)/qt

The access violation happens inside TComponentTreeView.UpdateComponentsNodesValues, UpdateComponentNode, line "if APersistent is TComponent", when Anode is the first TSQLDBFieldDef in the sqlquery

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