On Tue, 25 Sep 2018, FTurtle via Lazarus wrote:

I committed a new version with some visual improvements and bugfixes:

* Actually load saved options on startup :)
* Button to go to settings
* Margins around controls
* Better Left and right margin inside listbox
* Use different default colors (maroon, navy)
* Handle keydown instead of key up, so repeat is enabled...

1. Standard for margins around controls in Lazarus is 6 pixels. Now is lesser. 
This is very noticeable visually.

Really ? You must have 100/10 vision. I don't see any difference.

But I can say with certainty the IDE is not consistent in this regard, e.g.
the project inspector uses different spacing than the IDE Options dialog.
The only reason I saw that is because of your remark I started putting
things side by side.

2. Spotter does not respect IDE option "Prefer double-click over single-click". 
It is very uncomfortable for people who prefer double click in lists.

Really ? I did not know all these things.

The single click was chosen because this is how it works in Atom.

Where are all these options or rules described ?

Because the IDE Tools - Options page does not contain such a setting. Or at least, I didn't find it.

If I select something, it's always single click. Project inspector, IDE Tools - Options treeview. Everywhere.

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