26.09.2018 21:08, Juha Manninen via Lazarus пишет:
I try to hurry this up because a new book about Lazarus will have a
chapter about this New Component feature and the old dialog was badly
outdated. The HighDPI support with multi-resolution icons is a major
new feature in Lazarus / LCL after all.

Hurrying and rushing features at the last moment is never good. Chances are the dialog will have regressions and it may turn out that further significant rework will be needed.

I would like to push this improvement to the 2.0 branch although it
touches the IDE's resource strings and thus breaks the basic rule of
letting translators do their job in peace after a release branch is
What do you think?

Changes are quite minimal, so I don't see any major problem from this side.

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