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Most if not all commands in the editor are registered, but do not do
anything. The source editor simply looks up the key combination in the
commands, and then invokes the main menu.
The TIDECommand.Execute does method not do anything.

This is a design error in the IDE, it needs to be fixed at a fundamental

Indeed, I remember the commands are invoked in different ways which
feels wrong. I don't remember details, it was some time ago I looked
at them.
Maybe AlexeyT could take a look.

From what I can see, it should be sufficient to create a descendent of
TIDECommand with the ec* editor command constant as a property, and register this descendant as an IDE command with the main menu callback as the command callback, and the source editor, after looking up the command using the key combination, must simply call .execute instead of calling the main menu function...

Unless of course there are some hidden pitfalls :)

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