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I though "Close Project" does the thing, or isn't this good enough?

Exactly. As a bonus the editor files session of the closed project is
remembered and reopened next time.
Please remember that "Close all" is in File menu, not in Project menu.
Delphi has its project menu items in File menu which is counter-intuitive.
IMO Lazarus works logically in this regard. If you don't want to do "Close
Project", you can do "New Project". You don't need to save it but all IDE
features remain enabled.

See my (held for moderation, attachment to big) answer to Ondrej for why this reasoning is insufficient and the current Lazarus behaviour is actually buggy.

It's in fact hilarious that I am forced to even discuss this ! :-)

I mean, how hard can it be to understand this ?

To any normal human being, *Close All* means close *ALL*.

'All' is just a 3 letter english word with a very clear meaning. Savour the simplicity of it by pronouncing it out loud, prolongue the 'l'
sound if you need that to fully grasp the meaning and beauty of this word :)

No offense meant, but if the team need to explain this much why it is not
really doing what it says on the tin, then it's simply ill-conceived.


Oh well, I suppose there are worse things in the world.
(even disregarding the current health crisis ;-) )

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