Well i think it was maybe related to wrong calling conversions.
so maybe now it is fixed.i'll check it.


On Sat, 30 Dec 2006 00:23:49 +0330, Sam Liddicott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

What is the value of Self at this point?

Where does it come from?
With normal window messages (I recall from Delphi 1) the object self is fetched from an atom on the window handle.

Does wince use WM_TIMER or some other callback method.

I expect that self is nul because the cookiemethod used to preserve the object address either is not sufficient under wince (not implemented or not enough storage) or involves improperly aligned access.

I don't yet have my wince cross compiler set up so I can't investigate more, sorry.

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All function required by ttimer to work is implemented in wince.
The problem is it raises exception somewhere in the begin of ontimer.
i traced it working until call of FOnTimer(Self); in customtimer.pas in
procedure doontimer.
but calling it causes a exception or crash.
Any ideas what might happened,or what likely is this bug related to?

Besides if it creates an exception where does next statement start so
maybe i can see what happens next.
It seems an error is displayed on screen,becouse form title is changed


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