> I use Jing for simply things, ScreenFlow is by far the best for the end user 
> experience.  I will look into this later though.

Also, another possibility is QuickTime X which supports screen recording. 
QuickTime X is part of Mac OS 10.6.x

>>> Sure. Mailman is nice. The archives, not so much. Would you mind if I just 
>>> subscribe an account to nabble? They offer list archiving in a really nice 
>>> way.
>> If you are going to sign up with such a service I would prefer the Mail 
>> Archive <http://www.mail-archive.com>
> If that is what you prefer, then I will use that.  However, Nabble is much 
> more flexible in my opinion.  One can manage all their lists from Nabble.

If you would like subscribe the LBackup discussion mailing list to Nabble, that 
is not a problem go right ahead or let me know that you are still interested 
and I will arrange to subscribe the mailing list to Nabble.

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