LBackup 0.9.8r3-alpha2 has just been released. If you are also subscribed to 
the announcement mailing list then sorry for this double posting.

The reason for this post to the discussion mailing list is because of the 
changes to hard links which are introduced in LBackup version 0.9.8r3-alpha2. 
When the number of rotations in the configuration file is set to one.

eg : numRotations=1

In previous versions of LBackup if the number of rotations was set to one then 
hard linking was disabled. In LBackup 0.9.8r3-alpha2 hard links are typically 
enabled if there is a there is a "Section.0".

If you are able to foresee any potential issues then please let me know. The 
advantage of this behavior is that even with the number of rotations set to 
one, hard links will be enabled. This will will typically result in a faster 
backup, once the first initial backup has been successfully completed.

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