Hi All,

Recently, due to a RAID failure, we had cause to restore a backup onto a clean 
installed server.

As part of our backup policy we don't backup users music, specifically their 
iTunes music folders.
We also run mobile home folders for all the staff laptops so in theory their 
iTunes libraries etc should just sync back up to the server next time they sync.

The problem has arose with the way that LBackup handles excluding folders. 
Instead of just excluding the whole folder, LBackup just excluded the folders 
content creating an empty folder at the backup destination. Since the restore 
of the server we have had iTunes library's disappear when users go to sync. My 
expectation is that this is caused due to the blank iTunes folder restored from 
the backup being newer then that of the one on the local computer, thus 
overwriting the one of the local machine with the one from the server (the 
blank one).

Is there any way we can change the behaviour of LBackup so that it simply 
doesn't backup excluded folders at all, avoiding the empty folders?


Michael Williams

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