The LBackup mailing list is back online.

There have been a failed backup hard drives. Issues with DNS host names and 
various other delays with bringing this list server back online. The server was 
initially crashed by a number of earthquakes in Christchruch, New Zealand.

The server is now running on different hardware and I am going to increase the 
number of geo-graphical backup locations.

This mailing list server was and is being protected by LBackup and it has been 
restored from a backup. If you are reading this email, then the restore has 
been success!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions regarding LBackup then just 
send them to : 

The server is still hosted in Christchruch, New Zealand. Hopefully, any future 
earthquakes / power cuts will not affect the server for such a long period once 
the additional geo-located backups are in place.

If anyone is willing to put money towards a VPS for this mailing list server 
then just let me know as this would be an ideal way to improve the reliability. 
Christchurch, is not the best place at the moment to be running a server from 
with regards earthquakes.

Thank you all for your continued interest in LBackup. As always feature 
suggestions and issues you are having with LBackup are welcome on this mailing 

Keep in touch.

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