> I would like to know when LBackup will deal with file and directory renames.
> The documentation says : "Link-Backup is a command line tool which deals with 
> file and directory renames. The LBackup team are working to integrate 
> Link-Backup with LBackup in the  future."

Thank you for pointing this out. This feature is a planed for a later release. 
No alpha version integration work has commenced on the LBackup project to date 
with regards Link-Backup integration. However, various patches for Link backup 
have been submitted upstream to the and Link-Backup project. Link-Backup is is 
now integrated with LSync. If you are willing to assist with integrating 
Link-Backup into LBackup your input and assistance is very welcome.

If you are interested in being involved with this integration project then 
please visit the following URL and fork a copy of LBackup, then start working 
on the changes required : http://www.github.com/henri/lbackup_core

Details regarding LSync are available from the following URL : 

>From memory all of the patches which have been forwarded up stream to 
>Link-Backup have been integrated into the production release. I will confirm 
>that this is the case.

You will also notice that LSync has recently added support for data integrity 
verification via fingerprint. Now that this has been accomplished the plan is 
to also work on these features for LBackup. However, these features will not be 
in the next beta release cycle and there for it is not yet on the road map for 
LBackup 0.9.8r5

The LBackup alpha release development has been primarily focused on the 
monitoring of multiple backup servers. Updated scripts are available from the 
following URL (and were updated earlier this week) : 

Release 0.9.8r5 is currently on track will all features listed on the short 
term road map : http://www.lbackup.org/developer/sort_term_road_map

Once development branches with Link-Backup support are ready they will be 
integrated into the alpha versions and then will eventually make it to the beta 

Rest assured that these plans are in the pipeline. If you are willing to assist 
with directly with integration then this will certainly speed up this process. 
I have been following the Link-Backp project for some time and am positive that 
integrating this project into LBackup would make a lot of sense. I would 
suggest taking a look at LSync if you require this functionality immediately. 
If you are able to contribute to the project to speed up this integration then 
any support is very welcomed.

Thank you again for your question. Please let me know if you need any 
assistance with contributing to the LBackup project.

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