>> I would like to know when LBackup will deal with file and directory renames.
>> The documentation says : "Link-Backup is a command line tool which deals 
>> with file and directory renames. The LBackup team are working to integrate 
>> Link-Backup with LBackup in the  future."
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> From memory all of the patches which have been forwarded up stream to 
> Link-Backup have been integrated into the production release. I will confirm 
> that this is the case.
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It turns out the patches for Link-Backup which were submitted up stream have 
not been added to the current branch yet according to Samuel.

Below I have quoted some of the points made by Lucid CTO regarding Link-Backup. 

> - The Link Backup implementation uses the python hash() function for hashing 
> the file index. I don't believe this is a robust long term direction. I wrote 
> some tools in Ruby to integrate with Link Backup and had to reverse engineer 
> the python hash function: 
> http://www.oriontransfer.co.nz/blog/2009-04/python-hashes-in-ruby/index
> I'd like to add some data de-duplication to fingerprint so that it is 
> possible to explicitly managed what can be reduplicated with the possibility 
> of a transaction log per backup that itemises any hard links that have been 
> made for the sake of deduplication so that if the backup is restored, the 
> hard links can be broken (e.g. data duplication). 
> Also, I would like to see an improved implementation and I'd also be 
> interested to see how it could be implemented on top of RSync for increased 
> reliability. 

I hope this provides some additional information regarding why this has not 
been integrated into LBackup yet.

The LBackup project is really about reliable backups. Any backup system should 
have a core functionality of being able to restore your important (backed up) 
files when required and for verification purposes. 

As such, we are focused on ensuring that LBackup is as reliable as possible. 
Any assistance with regards improving the projects reliability is very welcome.

Keep in touch and as always your input and contributions are warmly welcomed.

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