> I have a few questions : 
> (1) Is the destination a local HDD or SSD? 
> (2) Is the source accessed locally or is it accessed via the network?
> (3) How large is the source for this copy?
> (4) Is there anything being excluded from the backup (data in the excludes 
> file)?

One more question. On the backup destination volume, what is the available free 
space and percentage of free space? The following command should provide the 
answer :

df -h

Also, I suggest that you run a file system integrity check. Disk Utility can be 
quite slow on drives with lots of files. As such, you may prefer to run the 
check for the partition using the command line and just use 
"/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app" to check the partition map.

A list of device identifiers and partition names may be found by running : 
diskutil list

Verify the partition map with the following command : 
Example : diskutil verifyDisk /dev/disk0

Verify the file system integerity with the following command : 
Example : diskutil verifyVolume /Volumes/BackupDiskName

Let me know how you get on.


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