Hi all,

 I was just wondering the 'correct' method to handle something like:
  struct Frozz {
        int a;
        char *Foo;

  struct Frozz *bar;
  bar = malloc(sizeof(struct Frozz));
  bar->Foo = "Test";

 LCLint complaines about implicit only not free'd or some such on the
'bar->Foo...' line.  Could someone
point out the common way of handling such cases ?

Also, is there a 'cookbook' somewhere with common program
constructs/methods/etc and how to decorate them ?
for instance, a function returning a pointer to memory it dynamically
allocates ?  I found the users guide (on-line v2.4 html) very in-depth on
the WHAT lclint does, but very light on HOW to use it.  Was there another
doc/faq/guide I should be RTFM'ing ??


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