I tried a simple test with an include of that file, and lclint did not
        complain on Sun Solaris 2.7, but on 2.8, I got this:
        /usr/include/sys/strft.h:30:26: Parse Error:
            Suspect missing struct or union keyword: hrtime_t :
            unsigned int. (For help on parse errors, see lclint -help parseerrors.)
        This is odd: the test file compiles without complaint, and the
        preprocessor output from the test produces a file that LCLint
        does not complain about either.
I get the same thing, also under Solaris 2.8.
I note that hrtime_t is defined in /usr/include/sys/time.h
as longlong_t.  Does LClint know about 'long long' yet?

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