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> 13 Feb 2002 09:12:35 in , David Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes
> I did not receive a copy of the email to which you replied. I would have
> expected to do so as a member of the group and to prove the transmission
> was successful. Does [EMAIL PROTECTED] filter the sender when
> reflecting messages?

Because of all the spam getting through this list, we set it up to require
me to bounce legitimate messages to the list.  I might have forgotten to
bounce you earlier message (from my logs it looks like I did though).  At
any rate, there is no automatic filtering.

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> >Hi Walter,
> >
> >The Win32 distribution is a binary.  The source code is included just
> >for reference.
> Where is that documented?
> >
> >We don't know enough about Windows development tools to include a generic
> >build package for Win32, but if you can figure out how to do this please
> >do so and send it back to us.  The winconfig.h file is created by hand,
> I may later start from the right place. At the moment, I am just trying
> to have something I can build.
> >since we don't have automake and autoconf on Win32.  You can get it from
> >http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/lclint/LCLintDev/winconfig.h
> >(it should be included in the .zip file also, and is now).
> That is now copied to ~splint/winconfig.h. Compilation proceeds apace as
> I write.
> [snip]
> Pardon me for moving onto another topic. The Windows port seems to be
> undocumented. I will write up what I find if no one else is available to
> do so. For example, the documentation refers to ~/.splintrc. It took
> some code reading to figure that %home%\.splintrc was a Win32
> equivalent.
> I am hacking through passing my code through the delivered splint.exe
> and am constructing a ~/.splintrc. That job would be much easier if
> splint had a -E flag as described for c89 in susv2 and for c99 in IEEE
> Std 1003.1-2001. Can somebody please let me have a ~/.splintrc which
> works with VC++6.00?
> OK. I can now produce a release splint.exe from source. I shall try a
> debug version tomorrow and silence may be taken to imply success.

Thanks much.  We do what we can to support other platforms, but don't
really have the resources or expertise to support non-Unix platforms
ourselves without help.

If you produce notes on the Win32 implementation, send them to me for
inclusion in our web site and later distributions.


--- Dave

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