On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Alexander Mai wrote:

> Browsing on the website I can see two manual versions,
> 3.0.1 from January and 3.0.6 from February. This should
> be sync'ed ?

Unfortunately, I know of no way to create a document that is both suitable
for web viewing and printing.  Hence, some hand editing is required to
produce the HTML version and we only do this when there are new
sub-versions (the manual is the latest PDF-available version;
we'll update the web version for 3.0.2).   If someone has a better
solution for this, or can volunteer to produce good HTML from our Word
document, we'd be appreciative.

> Also the HTML complete file which one might be tempted to
> download is not a stand-alone file, IIRC it links images,
> style-sheets, etc. Perhaps one should offer a package for
> offline viewing? (some .tar.gz archive perhaps including
> all required files).

The pdf version http://www.splint.org/downloads/manual.pdf is your best
option for off-line viewing.

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