Does anyone know of a good 'lint' for use with C++ code?
(OS: Windows 2000)

Does SPLint already support C++ code analysis? If so, please let me know
since I'm not seeing how to set it up. Although, on a per-file basis I have
been mildly successful with 'C' related stuff but class inheritance and
overloaded functions cause all sorts of warnings (beyond the "normal"

Meanwhile, I'm aware of a couple of commercial packages:
- Parasoft's' CodeWizard (~$1000)
- Gimpel Software's FlexeLint and PC-Lint for C/C++ (~$250)

Granted, you get what you pay for, but I hate to shell out for a product
which is [or may be] overkill for my development.

Thus, for the moment at least, I'd prefer a freeware version since it's for
personal use (read: kinda tight budget; read: no cash) or maybe a low cost
shareware/commercial version. I can explore the freeware alternatives (if
any) first and, if they don't work out for my needs, look into one of the
other tools.

I suppose all I'm really looking for is something simple, practical, and
helpful, such as SPLint is with C code (I think I also just described my
wife:) with the additional support of C++ as well.

I'm just not aware of any freeware C++ analysis tools and thought someone
here might know of one or two I might try. Of course, recommendations for a
shareware/commercial produce is welcome too.

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