On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Martin Roehrig wrote:

> First of all thank you for the answers.
> I found some file types mentioned in the manual with more or less short explanations 
>of what they are for.
> Could someone please tell me how and when exactly splint uses the following file 
>types, whether they are generated (and how) or
> edited manually and what syntax they have?
> *.lcd
> *.lci
> *.lcl
> *.lcs
> *.lh
> *.mts (if there is something I should know apart from that found in chapter 10 and 
>appendix C of the manual)

The .lcd files are libraries, see http://www.splint.org/manual/html/sec14.html

The .lci, .lcl, .lcs and .lh files are only relevant if you are using LCL
specifications.  See http://www.splint.org/manual/html/appD.html.

> Still another question:
> Suppose I have some header files for third party libraries that I want to document 
>for splint in order to get rid of spurious
> warnings or to improve checking.
> How can I manage that situation without modifying that third party headers? I read 
>something about .lh files and .lcl files in the
> manual but I admit I didn't understand it enough to use it.

You can add annotations by making your own .h files that (re)declare the
declarators with annotations.  Or, you can make LCL files.  (The first
option is prefered, since LCL does not support all Splint annotations.)

--- Dave

> Many thanks in advance
> Martin

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