I use splint on Windows NT 4.0 SP6 (binary distribution from splint.org) and 
get spurious redefinition warnings under the
following circumstances:

---------------- myheader.h --------------
typedef int mytype;

---------------- mycode_1.c --------------
#include "myheader.h"

---------------- mycode_2.c --------------
#include "MYHEADER.H"

> splint *.c
Splint --- 11 Feb 2002

MYHEADER.H(1,13): Datatype mytype defined more than once
  A function or variable is redefined. One of the declarations should use
  extern. (Use -redef to inhibit warning)
   myheader.h(1,13): Previous definition of mytype

Finished checking --- 1 code warning

Obviously splint does not realize that myheader.h and MYHEADER.H is the same file on 
Windows and therefore thinks mytype to be
Of course I don't want to set -redef. On the other hand I have to cope with a large 
software project where I just can not influence
how programmers write the include file names, so what can I do about that situation? 
Is there a special switch?

Thanks in advance

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