I am running Splint on a .c file which is obtained from 
a Pro*C compilation.
I am getting tens of warnings most of them warning aginst
possible Memory Leaks for each of the embedded SQL statement.
Can I ignore these warnings?
I am not a very good C programmer and I am not able to get 
head of tail of these warnings.


On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Ed Beroset wrote:

|I think I'm getting spurious "use before definition warnings" and I want to 
|see if there's a capability, annotation or switch in Splint that I'm 
|overlooking.  When I run Splint on this test program (with no command line 
|switches and no .splintrc file):
|#include <stdio.h>
|#define READ_OK ((int)0)
|extern int readMemoryDevice(/*@out@*/ void *buffer, size_t buffSize);
|typedef struct {
|     int first;
|     int second;
|} bongo;
|int main()
|     int testResult;
|     bongo test1, test2;
|     testResult = 1;
|     if (readMemoryDevice(&test1, sizeof(test1)) != READ_OK ||
|             readMemoryDevice(&test2, sizeof(test2)) != READ_OK ||
|             test2.second != test1.second)     /* this is line 19 */
|         testResult = 0;
|     return testResult;
|I get this result:
|Splint --- 11 Feb 2002
|dummy.c: (in function main)
|dummy.c(19,13): Field test2.second used before definition
|   An rvalue is used that may not be initialized to a value on some execution
|   path. (Use -usedef to inhibit warning)
|Finished checking --- 1 code warning
|The ANSI C standard (6.3.14) says that "... the || operator guarantees 
|left-to-right evaluation; there is a sequence point after the evaluation of 
|the first operand."  It seems to me that using the /*@out@*/ annotation 
|should give Splint sufficient clue that both the test1 and test2 structures 
|will be fully defined by the time it gets to line 19 (if it gets that 
|far).  While I could use nested if statements, I'd really rather not 
|clutter my code that way.  Is there a graceful way to explain this to Splint?

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