I have a problem with the blanks that Windows allows in file and path names.
In my .splintrc file I put:

-I"D:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include"
-sys-dirs "D:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Include"

While the first entry works fine, the second makes trouble:
(Apparently also the coulumn numbers in the warning messages are wrong.)

>splint *.c
Splint --- 11 Feb 2002

./.splintrc(2,10): Unmatched " in option string: "D:\Programme\Microsoft
  A flag is not recognized or used in an incorrect way (Use -badflag to inhibit
./.splintrc(2,10): Warning: Setting -systemdirs to string with unmatching
                      quotes: "D:\Programme\Microsoft
./.splintrc(2,12): Bad flag syntax (+ or - expected, + is assumed):
                               Visual Studio\VC98\Include"
./.splintrc(2,19): Unrecognized option: Visual
./.splintrc(2,20): Bad flag syntax (+ or - expected, + is assumed):

Of course there is even more trouble when I omit the double quotes.

Is there already a solution to that problem? If not could you please tell me if you 
want to solve it in the near future?
I know blanks in file names are always a source of trouble, but unfortunately they are 
a fact in Windows.


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