I have the problem that splint does not include the full path names of the
files it finds errors in, for example:

   In file included from proxy/proxy.c:5
generic/common/system_net.h:50:71: #error test

What I need, or rather Emacs, is the full path from the root, in this case

   In file included from /home/torger/src/test/proxy/proxy.c:5
/home/torger/src/generic/common/system_net.h:50:71: #error test

The problem is that Emacs does not find the source files when not a proper
path is given, so it is not possible to use the next-error function,
meaning that it is unbearable to use splint in Emacs.

Have I misconfigured something, or have I discovered a bug? I have tested
an earlier version (when it was called LClint) and that produced the full
path names for the files.

Anders Torger, Operax
+46 705 795 504

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