As it is said, I am new to splint and managed to stumble upon three

Could please anybody give me a hint?

Thanks, Thomas.

/* Q 1: How can I really get rid of warnings concerning stdio.h? ignore-end
don't do it */

#include <stdio.h>

int     main
        /*@unused@*/    int     argc,
        /*@unused@*/    char    *argv[]
        char s6[6];
        char s7[7];
        char s8[8];
                int     i;
                long    j;
        } s;

        (void)strcpy(s6,"8 bytes");     /* Reported correctly */
        (void)strcpy(s7,"8 bytes");     /* Q 2: Why is there _no_ report? */
        (void)strcpy(s8,"8 bytes");     /* No report, correct */
        (void)strcpy(s7,s8);                    /* Reported correctly */
        (void)memset(s7,'\0',sizeof(s7));       /* No report, correct */
        (void)memset(&s,0,sizeof(s));   /* Q 3: Why _is_ there a report? */

        return 0;


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