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19 Aug 2002 11:39:18 in , "Martin, Stphane" 
>It seems that there is a line limit of 1000 characters on the batch
>interpreter of Win98.  Unfortunately the source file list (~23 files)
>including the path is longer than 1000 characters.  This problem does not
>seems to occur on Win2000 OS batch file interpreter but I must compile
>this project on both OS.
>I look through the splint Doc file to find a flag that allow to include the
>source file list to check by Splint within an option file (-f) and did not
>find anything.  I also scan the mailing list and the source code of Splint
>itself and only find the CPATH that seems appropriate only for dot h file.
>For instance the only workaround I find is:
>-use wild card such *.c, but on a real project this is not very convenient
>since there is always system or architecture dot c file we don't want to
>check or only
>temp dot c file that must not be compiled.
>-break the project in two section: not very usefull since for many check
>such as unused function.
>SUGGESTION for improvement
>It would be great if Splnit has a flag that allow to include the complete
>source file
>list to check within an option file (such as the -I for include) or at
>least an "exclude source file flag" to allow to use wild card.

A few alternative suggestions:
1) Write your own indirect file handler;
2) I seem to remember splint gets some options from files - hack them;
3) Use the subst command to give you a synonym for your folder;
4) Write a .BAT to populate a directory with the files of interest and 
do splint *.c there.
Walter Briscoe

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