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2. The page numbers in both the Contents page and the Index are
different from those in the text. I've not worked out in detail
where they are different but a couple of examples will suffice.
Appendix C is on page 99 according to the Contents page but it is
actually on page 104. `Suppressing warnings', which is the first thing
in Appendix C, shows the same difference.
I would guess that what you're seeing here is a difference between the "physical page numbers" - which is what Acrobat and GV) know about - and the "logical page numbers" which are printed on each page. The table of contents, for example, may be numbered "i" through "ix" (or nine pages) and the first chapter would start on page "1". That's a total of ten physical pages, which is what Acrobat and GV know about. Actually, I believe GV is a little better about it. When selecting a range of pages to print, it may show both page numbers.

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